Covid-19 Relief Tutoring Scholarship


As you may know, NYC has closed schools for the
rest of the school year and will continue with remote learning.

We have a small tutoring company that no longer has any business. We refunded our families for all
upcoming sessions and had to go back and forth
with a venue owner who wanted to give us credit
for a further date.

Our tutors want to work remotely and have received training but unfortunately our families can not afford services. Our
business has been completely at a standstill since March 13, 2020.  We want to fundraise and donate over 35 scholarships to
families in need for remote tutoring services.

BGT is here to support our families during this
time of confusion and anxiety. We will continue to
offer our remote tutoring services to our families
in need of academic support.

BGT is here to help out many children and their families to continue learning in this pandemic.